Is bad office design a sign of low productivity?

The office is the most frequently used space in our lives. We spend on average one-third of our time at work in offices. Every employer wants top talent in their workplace to improve work productivity. Sometimes, however, it isn’t easy to maintain work productivity. Bad office design, is it? The Oder is because of lousy office design?
1. These statistics
A recent study by Singh Furncraft found that office design is critical in increasing employee productivity. A second study of American workplace environments found that 89% of respondents considered designing the most crucial factor in work satisfaction.
Nearly 90% of senior officials agreed that a well-designed office design would increase employee productivity. These are just a few reasons why office design matters.
2. Relationship between productivity and work environment
Many people find it challenging to work in noisy or cold environments. Numerous surveys have been conducted to determine which factors influence the workplace environment and how they relate to office design.
The work environment is influenced by lighting at 9% and temperature at 20%. The most significant contributor to the work environment is noise, which accounts for 71%.
Environmental Psychologists also believe that the office design can influence how employees feel. Bad office design is the key to low productivity.
3. The good and the bad of office design
Bad office design can lead to unhappy employees. However, a great office design shows that employers care about the feelings of their employees. A lousy office design will not make for a happy workplace.
Forbes published a study that revealed that the US economy lost $500 billion due to poor office design and low productivity.
It is essential to ensure that your workplace is filled with positive energy, high productivity, and a talent pool as millennials continue to enter the market. A good office design is key to all of these.
4. Good office design is expensive?
This question can be changed to “Is bad office design more expensive?”. Take a look at your office space. Yellow lights, overstuffed file cabinets, mismatched furniture, and terrible chairs are all things you should be aware of.
These are all signs that your office design is poor. This could be why your office design isn’t up to par with the best.
A good office design can cost you a lot, but it will not affect your productivity.
5. The future of office design
What’s the best office design for 2016? Saci Trave, Interior Designer and Project Manager at BOKA Powell, LLC, says workplace interior design should be thoughtful, client-centered, and strategic.
Proper lighting, ergonomics, and the use of technology all contribute to productivity. It is essential that your employees and customers are satisfied with the surroundings surrounding your office.
A happy employee is a long-term employee. Happier employees are those who love their work environment. Office design is key to work productivity.